Hangers: Your Solution To a Scattered and Overloaded Closet

Do you have a scattered and overloaded closet every time you open it? Having a problem in clothes storage is a common problem especially to people who have great number of clothes and a limited space. But you can still make your closet that looks like the wardrobe of famous celebrities if an organization system be a part of your habit. It is not that easy to organized all the things that you have inside your closet if you do not know where, what and how to start, right? You have different kinds of clothes, bags, belts, shoes and many more that are stored in your closet. There are also many ways and tools to use to organized the. The only question there is, what is the right tools to used in each of your items?

For your clothes, you have to know first what type of garments you have. It is the of what to choose for the right clothes organizer you will use. Drawer dividers, shelves, hanging racks, clamps and clothes hangers are some of the clothes organizers we have now in the market. But if you want to have the cheaper, simpler and easier to use organizer, all you need is the clothes hanger.

Hangers are known to be the simplest, easiest and the fastest way to organized your clothes. You can group your clothes by color, size and design with the use of it. You can rely on them when it comes to maintaining the freshness of your clothes. Using them them can save you from spending much in ironing because your clothes are away from wrinkles and creases while they are hanging freely. You can also save effort and time every time you look and decide for the right outfit to wear each day. Hanging clothes are easy to see for you to have an idea of ​​clothes to wear for a certain weather or occasion.

You can not just buy any clothes hanger for your garments. You have to know its types and purposes. Being aware of its uses also helps you in maintaining the quality of your valuable garments and for adding beauty to your closet. There are a hundred types f it that are available in the market today. Knowing the basic types of it is an advantage to you.

Hangers are usually made of wood, metal, plastic and bamboo. Some are a combination of wood and metal, plastic and metal or plastic and wood. But in every type of garment that you have there are certain type of clothes hanger that is purposely designed for it. Shirt, coat, padded, and specialty hangers are some of the clothes hangers we have now.

The right choice of hangers can make a big difference to your closet. Adding beauty and an extra space are some of it. You just have to make sure that you have the high-quality hangers from the trusted supplier you have. Be wise in purchasing for the right one for a celebrity-look wardrobe of yours.

Types of Wall Hangings and Specific Uses

The history of wall hangings can be traced back to the 13th century. It is quite popular in the form of tapestries. It is one of the best ways to decorate homes, offices, temples and churches. It was used by various cultures in different forms in various countries all around the world. Found in the form of sculptures, murals, paintings and so forth, these exemplary works of art are popular even in the modern days. Today it is easy to find different types of sculpture and tapestries to decorate homes and offices. Most of these paintings have a meaning and a purpose which is exuded in these exclusive pieces of art.

Different Forms of Wall Hangings

It is important to choose the right type of wall hanging to suit the decor of your home or office. As mentioned earlier, there are different forms and varieties of artwork that can be installed in your homes and other places. Some of the most common varieties include the following.

Tapestries: One of the most common and popular variety include the tapestry. It is one of the traditional works of art which were used to depict events or stories in the ancient days. It is basically a densely woven piece of fabric which includes various designs and patterns that express a story or tale. In the early days, it was hand woven but today it is created in factories. However, there are skilled artisans who weave tapestries on the loom even today. It is one of the most beautiful varieties of decorations used to hang on the walls.

Quilt: Though basically used as bed covers, the quilts were also used to cover and decorate homes and offices. The quilt makers are proficient in their skill and weave some of the best collections that can be used as wall hangings. It can be hung neatly on tapestry rods or quilt hangers to embellish homes spaces. Today there are different types of paintings available in these quilts which are magnificent pieces of art.

Metal: Another type of decoration includes the metal hangings made of different types of metals which include steel, aluminum, wrought iron and so forth.

Wood: Wooden hangings are hugely popular with various styles, sizes and finishes. Wooden hangings are available in the form of carved hangings, modern letter hangings and sculptured pieces of art. It can be bought in various sizes including rectangular, square and customized forms of hangings according to the preferences of the customers.

Installation of Wall Hangings

The installation of these decorative pieces of art is equally important as choosing the best type of wall hanging that blends with the background beauty of your home. It is necessary to make a template of the tapestry before installing it in your home. Trace the outline of the tapestry and locate its hangers. Pierce the paper through the center of each hanger and then position it on the wall. Mark the holes with the pencil and install the hangers with the help of nails and screws.

Techniques of Using Your Closet Space

Have you ever found that your closet in a mess? You reach for your suit, clothes pile on you. You open the closet door, you get avalanched. Clothes are not the only items in your closet that can create a disorganized mess. There are many more accessories that help to reach closet nirvana. Belts, shoes, jewelry can all add up to an overwhelming nightmare. How can you prevent this?

Do not be hasty. The best way to organize a closet is to stop, think, and create a system. Simply folding your clothes and finding some place for them may clutter your closet instead of organizing your closet. Illustrated below are common techniques for using your closet storage space. Consider these techniques and use a combination of well-coordinated techniques. I am sure you will think out a closet organization system which would keep your things in order and save you unimagined space.

The first technique you can choose is space bags. Space bags can help you to conserve space in your suitcases. A space bag can reduce the volume of many of your bulky items, like blankets, winter coats and pillows. Just put items in the bag and squeeze out the air. All the unseen space between the folds will be eliminated. It will save you precious space and keep your items safe from mold and mildew until you need it again.

Secondly, closet shelving may be of great help. There are several personal items such as clothing that will work best on shelving. Shelving will allow for easier access, both in an out of your closet. Be aware, you should make it for your convenience. Otherwise, you will be back where you have started and your closet will be in a mess. Closet shelving is a respectable way to store many items, including clothes. The point is to save space and prevent any future clutter.

Thirdly, make use of hangers. Clothes hanging will help to save the space and get your closet organized. Use your imagination and make the fullest use of hangers, such as wooden hangers, plastic hangers. When you use creative hangers, you can sometimes double or even triple your useful space. For example, tiered hangers that let you stack clothes conveniently. If you are keeping things in a pile on the floor, consider tiered hangers and other hangers. You will be surprised.

Do not forget baskets and drawers. Often the untapped resource in closet organization is baskets and drawers. All of us have enough personal items for a small dresser and closer drawers. Clear baskets and drawers are of significant help for small item storage such as belt and jewelry. Baskets are an inspired storage solution that will collect your small items and organize your closet. They will streamline your shelves and liberate your floor space. If you have a ton of shoes and actually, most of us do, these drawers can be a good way to store your shoes, making your shoes accessible without leaving them on the floor, and will help you keep your pairs together.

The Advantages of Wood Vs Metal Clothes Hangers

A lot of hard work goes into owning and operating a retail business. Most people learn as they go when it comes to business techniques, one of which is to never overlook the smallest details. The environment you create in your store is the result of accumulated details, and when you get these right your customers are far more likely to visit your business more often and make more purchases.

Your approach to clothing display is certainly a detail that you can control. Details such as the type of hangers you use will cause your customers to believe either that they’re looking at high-quality items – or that the clothes are just over-priced. With wooden hangers, you can create a special atmosphere in your store.

Metal hangers shout out to your customers that quality isn’t one of your primary concerns. In contrast, wooden hangers are an excellent way to express the style and sophistication of your store.

Wooden coat hangers can heighten the appeal of the clothes in your shop, especially fine-quality pieces like dresses, trousers and suits. Wooden coat hangers are available in a variety of finishes, from light to dark, which can match the color theme in your store and even particular articles of clothing.

Another definite advantage of wooden hangers is that they are especially durable and long-lasting. You won’t find bent-up or mangled wooden hangers laying around your shop or in the dressing rooms. And since metal hangers will eventually rust, wooden coat hangers give you the best value for your money.

It’s true that some people think wooden coat hangers are more likely to snag their own clothes or your store merchandise. However, this won’t be a problem if you choose to buy superior quality wooden hangers, which are professionally sanded and in most cases, varnished.

This means you won’t have the constant worry that any of your store merchandise will get snagged, and so your clothing will live up to its high-quality reputation. Added to this, unlike metal hangers which dent and pull at the shoulders of clothes, wooden coat hangers are shaped to avoid this problem.

Think about it: Wooden coat hangers offer so many more options to preserve clothing than metal hangers. Yet another feature of wooden hangers are the clips and bars used for hanging or folding slacks. To add a special personal touch to your hangers, you can have your store logo embossed into the wood. As a retail business owner, these are the special details you need to consider.

Padded Hangers and Their Benefits

When it comes to hangers, there are various types available to match different types of clothing. The padded hangers are used for delicate clothing like a frilly dress or suit and these can be customized easily to use with different type of fashion.

A good example of a piece of clothing that would deserve a good quality fabric covered satin hanger would be a wedding dress. The wedding dress is regarded as very delicate and often times it will be stored in a closet for many years without being handled. If you are using a wooden or metal hanger, this can indent or damage the straps or even the entire dress.

Another type of clothing that would need fabric padded hangers will be the lingerie because these are delicate in nature. The majority of the sleep wears and lingerie that you will find on the market will have frilly edges. When you are using a wooden hanger, it can easily snag the frilly edges, plus the metal types would catch fabric in the joints. Fabrics hangers will not pinch or rip off the frilly finish on the delicate sleep wears.

Overall, the fabric on the clothes hangers with padding will be perfect for keeping clothes because of the higher level of friction. You will definitely appreciate these hangers when you have clothing with small straps or ones with very little to hold it up. So, in case you are using slick hangers like the metal types and they are not doing a good job, you need to buy fabric hangers. This will stop you from constantly finding your garments on the closet floor, plus it’s much better for the material.

There are some people who just love the fabric coat hangers over metal hangers because they will give the closet a distinctive look. Anyone who appreciates fashion would invest in fabric hangers, because they can be customized to match a particular taste or color. It is also possible to make these hangers from scratch, so if you are creative you can end up with hangers at home that look much better than the ones that you would buy at a store.

When you have the fabric covered hangers at home, you need to take special care for them to look their best. Since they are made from organic materials, you have to look out for pests like insects and moths because they like to eat material. When you have a closet that is clean and tidy at all times, this will discourage these insects.

In general, there is no need for you to spend lots of money to get padded hangers for your delicate clothing. You can find great deals if you are shopping online, especially if you are buying in large quantities for a business or for other family members.

DIY Closet Solutions

The biggest problem in most closets is storage space. From sports equipment to socks that you haven’t found the mate for yet, there are endless things around the home that don’t have anywhere else to go but your closet. You need some solutions. Use these tips for making the most of the little space that you have.

First, get some specialty hangers. Little things like belts, hats, and scarves don’t seem to take up much space. However, when you put them all together, they do actually take up room. Even worse, if they’re disorganized, they can make your entire closet look disorderly and cluttered. Specialty hangers give you a specific place to put all of these little things. They also help to save on space, because instead of each of these things taking up shelf, drawer, or basket space, they simply hang on the bar. All of your belts, scarves, and hats can take up as little as three inches of hanging space when you use specialty hangers.

Cascading hangers are also great space savers. You can get special cascading pants hangers and skirt hangers that allow you to hang multiple like items on one hanger. If you don’t like digging underneath the pants to pull out the ones that you want, consider getting one that is hinged at the top. You simply lift up the bottom and all of the pants or skirts will hang freely apart from each other. This little detail helps you to not pull pants and skirts off onto the floor or wrinkle them trying to get them off of the hanger.

Your clothes hangers can have a big impact on your space as well. Flat hangers are great for saving space, but they can be flimsy, causing your clothes to end up crumpled on the floor. When the hooks get all tangled up and the clothes get smashed together, the space that you saved seems to not be worth the effort. This is why we recommend wooden hangers made to save space. You can buy flat wood hangers that keep your clothes very slightly separated. They save space, but are designed not to cross up on the bar and they are definitely sturdier than plastic or wire hangers.

Specialty hangers, cascading hangers, and space saving wooden hangers are available in all sorts of styles and colors that will suit your needs. You’ll be amazed at how much better your closet looks when your clothes hangers all match. A good clothes hanger will be sturdy, beautiful, and free of sharp edges that can snag and rip clothing. Wooden hangers are definitely the hangers of choice when it comes to saving space and organizing your closet.

Various Ways to Reuse An Old Adirondack Chair

An Adirondack chair can be used in various ways when it comes to enjoying the outdoors. There are numerous creative ways to make the most out of any Adirondack chair some of which are listed below.

So, let’s explore each method together!

  • Pot Holder

One can use a spindle chair’s top to hang or hold the flowerpots. It will look incredible when the small colorful pots will be hanging on the wall on a wooden block. Adirondack chairs are suitable for flowerpots because it can provide a stronger grip to the pots and wood will give a natural appearance to it. The best part about it is that you can place it anywhere. All you have to do is just split the top of the Adirondack chair, paint it, and screw in some metal holders placed equal distance apart. You can paint your new flowerpot holder according to the theme of the home.

  • Garden Planter

In case your chair is missing a seat, turn it into a planter. Take away the remaining part of the seat and put the pot inside it. Place it in the backyard or garden. But make sure that the pot is a perfect fit for the chair so that it doesn’t look awkward. So, what are you waiting for? Hold your toolbox and make the best garden planter right now.

  • Picture & Key Hanger

If there is any creative way to use the Adirondack furniture, using it as a picture hanger is one of them. Imagine your guests entering the living room and being amazed by the collection of pictures hanging on the wall. Yes! Using the blocks of the chair for pictures is a great idea. Just combine the blocks of the chair in any design (square, triangle, or many others), use clothes pins to hold the photographs and voila! You are all set to daze everyone. You can even hang keys on it too. So, augment the walls and let everyone adore your new photo hanger.

  • Comfortable Swing

As a kid, almost everyone enjoyed swinging. It’s time to relive your childhood. If the legs of the Adirondack chair are broken, transform it into a swing. Even if the legs of the chair have become weaker but the upper portion is still stronger enough to bear your weight. The backyard, living room, and terrace are the ideal areas for the swing.

  • Back Coat Rack

The cracked underbody of the chair can turn it into nothing but trash. However, using the elegant design of the back of the chair as a coat holder is something that everyone would love to have. All you need to do is just paint the back of the chair with your favorite color, nail down the hooks, and place it in a suitable area. So, pick your position and place the coat rack.


Whether you have brought an Adirondack chair from a named and famed store or from a garage sale, using these methods instead of throwing the chair into the trash when it breaks is the best idea. Pick your favorite method and implement it to enhance the appearance of your home.

Clothes Hangers – Or How to Pamper Your Clothes

Just a basic coat hanger sufficiently performs the function of keeping clothes off the floor, if you take the effort to put your clothes on a hanger. However, that move really is step one. I say this from the viewpoint of a parent – mother of three. We worked for a long time to make this first step a habit.

The hangers as designed for today’s wardrobe do much more.Gone are the days of using safety pins to hold skirts and pants on wire hangers. For this purpose, I like the sturdy plastic models that have clips attached that will let the garments hang straight and not wrinkle. The tubular styles are sturdy and functional.

If it is not convenient to let pants hang straight, there are hangers in the standard A-frame style that have a padded horizontal support. Draping cloth over an uncovered wire causes a crease in the fabric that can be challenging to remove.

Padded hangers help preserve the integrity of delicate knits and sheers. I suggest using the styles that have the padding wrapped around the entire frame of the hanger to minimize stress on the fabric. However, even the fuzzy but skinny ones help hold those slinky fabrics on the clothes hanger. If you don’t have plenty of closet space, thinner hangers will maximize storage space.

For jackets and suit coats, the curved hangers provide support that should preserve the slope without creasing the shoulders. The hangers really don’t take up much more space, it is the size of the jackets that requires the extra room. Invest in good, heavy weight hangers to support your jackets.

Are you cramped for storage space? Use multi-tiered hangers for slacks and tops. They hold multiple garments in less space. Especially if hanging lighter weight items, this is a good tool for conserving space. There is a caveat if using these for heavier items – do not overload your clothes rod – or everything may come tumbling onto the floor. Choose the hanger that will provide the needed support for heavier items.

There are still a couple of hanger types we have not discussed. Cedar is a moth deterrent for wool fibers. I experienced the heartache of finding one of my favorite skirts had been sustaining moths that were in my closet one winter. I always include a few cedar hangers where wool is being stored, rather than risking moth damage again

Questions about sizes? For larger garments, use the larger hangers. The arms of the hangers should fit inside the shoulder cap of a jacket. If the fabric hangs off at the shoulder edges because the hanger is too small, then use the larger ones. For children, there are hangers designed just for them.

All of the coat hangers described are usually found in department stores or home suppliers. Many websites offer quality clothes hangers for reasonable prices. I realize coat hangers are not an exciting topic; however, it is a good feeling to have your clothes last for years, while still looking new.

Pros and Cons Of Door Hanger Marketing

There are many pros and cons when it comes to using door hangers for your marketing and advertising needs. Here are a few examples of why.

PRO – They are personal. Some people appreciate this aspect of door hanger marketing. They need to be hand delivered, which shows effort and care on the part of the advertiser or company. This is great, especially when you are trying to motivate a specific target market of people. Custom hangers are great for local marketing. Local events, campaigns, etc. can all be promoted positively with printed door hangers.

CON – A lot of people who receive see them as an automatic throw away piece. Because there are so many postcards, flyers, and other types of advertising materials that come through the mail every day, you really need to make your hangers stand out in a positive way. This is why the design phase of your door hanger creation is so important, you must catch someone’s attention before your creation ends up in the trash can. Also, there is no envelope for a potential customer to open or other piece to distract them or make them look twice. So, this is why the look and design of your door hangers means so much.

PRO – They are one of the more unique pieces of advertising materials you could choose to use. While you do have the “throw away” hurdle to overcome, if you do a great job during the design phase, you will end up with a beautiful, unique hanger to distribute. This is definitely a pro. If you can grab attention and deliver a powerful message, yours will be a definite success.

CON – Some people view them as a weaker form of marketing material due to their lack of reach. Due to their delivery demands, hangers just cannot get to as many people as say, a postcard that goes through a stamping machine. Because each door hanger needs to be hand delivered, the amount of people you can contact is going to be smaller. Direct mail pieces are going to be able to reach more people due to their delivery method alone. This is why door hangers are great tools to use when you are trying to contact a local group of people.

Overall, they have several pros and cons but ultimately they are best suited to promote a local business or organization and be distributed to homes in the surrounding area. You are going to get the best response this way, especially if you design your door hangers well and make the consumer feel as though you care about them and value their business before they have decided to give it to you.

Solving Common Storage Problems With Clothes Hangers

Considering that they are more delicate and precious than standard clothing items, expensive clothes and luxurious garments should be stored properly with proper clothes hangers. This ensures that the owners of the clothes would not have to spend time and money on temporary fixes.

Here are common storage problems that homeowners might come across:

Broken/Loose threads and fabric deterioration

Hangers made of poor quality materials cause garments to sag. Fabrics that are thinning may also become prone to broken and loose threads. Padded closet accessories can help avoid this problem. These protect delicate garments such as camisoles, lingerie, and other intimate apparel from snagging on any rough and sharp edges. If any clothes are found with minor damage, these must be immediately sent to a seamstress for mending to prevent it from worsening.

Holes and tears

Common causes of this problem include using poorly-made hangers, loose threads left unfixed, and insects. Small holes can be sent to a seamstress for patching. However, this may permanently affect the look of the clothes and the integrity of the material. To prevent these problems for jackets, pants, and coats, they can be stored in garment bags and hung on strong wood hangers.

Stretching, sagging, and bulging

These problems occur when garments are stored in a hanging position for a long time on a weak hanger. This is why clothes that can only be worn during one particular fashion season such as evening gowns and should be regularly checked for these problems. Steaming and ironing these clothes as well as sending them to the dry cleaners can lessen the severity of the problem. Using high-quality clothes hangers is also advisable since they provide support to heavy garments.


Crammed storage spaces are the most common causes of this problem. Using fabric softeners can make garments more resistant to wrinkling. Ironing or steaming the dresses can get rid of wrinkles, depending on its severity.

As excellent space-savers, using well-made metal or thin acrylic hangers prevents this problem by ensuring that there is ample space between garments. These also prevent dimpling which are basically wrinkles that are tougher to get rid of.


Overcrowded closets facilitate inadequate airflow between garments which can cause fabric discoloration. Clothes that are frequently washed should also be monitored for this problem since cleaning chemicals can cause discoloration if clothes are not completely dry.

Carefully choosing the right high-quality hangers for different garments, such as thinner ones for shirts and thicker ones for jackets, can improve air flow by helping to create sufficient space between garments. This also ensures that clothes do not come in contact with each other, thus preventing color transfer.